Threads Image & Video Downloader Online

Free Threads downloader, Threads image, GIF and video saver. No Software or app required.

Update 12 July: Now supports multi-video & multi-images Threads post.
Update 10 July: All downloads working fine.

Download Threads Video Online is a free online platform to download & save Threads app videos, GIFs & images to your device in JPEG or mp4 format. It let you save the Threads media in your mobile or PC & save it offline.

Threads Downloader key features:

  • The best working Threads downloader with minimal downtime.
  • Supports: Single image Thread post, multi-image Thread post, videos, GIFs & nested posts with multiple images.
  • No need to download any software or random Apk apps (we hate them as much as you do). Supports all kind of devices like- Windows, Mac, Android & iOs.
  • Free to use. The tool is super fast & renders high quality videos & images from official servers.

How to use this tool to download photos, GIFs & videos from the Threads app?

Using our tool to download the video & image files from any Threads post is as simple as it sounds. Follow these steps to download these media on your Smartphone:

  1. Open Threads app & go to the post from which you want to download the video or photo or GIF.
  2. Click on the share icon under the post (extreme right side). Next, click on "Copy link". Doing so will copy the Threads' post link on your clipboard.

    share button threads post

    copy threads post link

The copied link should be in the format:

Next, follow these steps:

  1. Open our website:
  2. Paste the copied link in the box (or use the smart paste button) & hit "Download".

    threads downloader

    threads video downloader online

  3. You will see the post details with the download button. Click on the Download button.

    download threads photo on PC

    download threads post photo online

    download started on mobile

  4. That's it! You our downloader will save the image/video or GIF onto your device. Check the downloads folder to find it.
  5. For Threads with multiple images, scroll down & you will see a download button against each image.

What are the benefits of Threads video downloader tool?

  • Save Threads images & videos offline, without paying for them.
  • No need to take screenshots or use screen recorders.
  • High Quality videos & images: Our tool downloads all files from official CDN servers of Threads, hence no quality loss.

How to generate Threads photo downloader link from the post?

On the post details page, you will see the button "Download". Clicking on the button would save the file ontonyour device.

How to locate Threads Downloaded media files?

Once the download is complete, you can go to the downloads folder in your device to access the files. If You are using Google chrome browser, follow these steps:

on Smartphone or PC:
  • Tap the three bars at the top right corner. of your browser.
  • Click the downloads option.

    locate threads downloaded files on mobile

  • You should see the downloaded files. Click on them to open it in image viewer.
  • Follow the same steps for PC or laptop. You can click on Show in folder option to open the folder containing all the downloaded images & videos.

locate downloads on pc

How many videos or images I can download using this free online tool?

We don't restrict anybody to download more videos or photos. You can download Threads videos as much as you can, with no upper limits. Our converter tool maintains 99% uptime.

How to Download Threads images & videos for Free?

Don't worry if you do not want to pay. Our free downloader tool will let you save any image or video you want in your phone within 2 clicks. All we need is the Threads' post link. Leave the rest upon us.

How to make the downloads faster?

  • Use faster Internet connection.
  • Pause other ongoing downloads.
  • Use the Threads post link in correct format.

Can I download images & videos directly from Threads app?

How to download threads videos on Threads app? No, you cannot download images or videos from Threads app directly. That's why we have created this tool that let you download any file for free.

What are the charges to use this Threads downloader website?

Our Threads saver tool is free to use & always be. It takes $0 to download the images or videos you'd love to play. Social media should always be free- that's what we believe on.

Do I need to download any special software or Apk?

We know how irritating it is when other websites randomly initiates APK downloads or redirects you turbulently. We do not practice that, hence, no software downloads are required to use our tool.

How fast is the Threads video Downloader?

We use Threads' API which is super fast to generate the download links. The average time it takes to generate the links is less than 2 seconds.

Is it safe to use?

100%. Our website is safe to use & you will get only what you expect. We update the tool regularly to ensure its proper functioning & mitigate security risks. We do not host any Threads' app content on our servers & all we fetch is the official links from Threads only.

Does this tool store downloaded videos or images or keep a copy of the file?

Sadly but no. We do not store or host any of the Threads' content on our servers. All the content is hosted at Threads' side, we just fetch them to you.

Can I save Threads' video or images on my phone?

Yes, all the downloaded content lands directly in your phone's local memory. Heads up to the downloads folder & locate the same.

Threads' video download is allowed?

Of course it is. Threads doesn't allow that on their platform. But that doesn't mean you can't download the videos for personal consumption.

Is downloading Threads videos or photos legal?

Yes, downloading Threads videos is legal for personal use. However, if you want to put the downloaded content to any other use you have to purchase the rights from the owner.